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Lawn Maintenance; Maintenance is the key to success on any property. Maintenance entails the mowing, edging, line trimming, hedge trimming, weeding of flowerbeds, and blowing off of all hard surfaces. Trash is also policed for during the entirety of the service. The turf is the predominant covering of a property and when cutting it, care must be taken, proper equipment must be used and proper mowing patterns applied. Without care, an operator could damage the turf while making aggressive turns or accelerating abruptly. This is alleviated through the appropriate training of an operator. Blades on mowers are always kept sharp. Without this important policy, grass blades get shredded and the turf is opened up to a host of fungus and disease that could inevitably cause loss of turf. Lastly, the pattern of the mower can cause ruts in the turf if not alternated each time mowing is performed. Without this principal being adhered to, the mower can create damage in the turf that could take weeks, sometimes months, to grow back. Being sure to mow the grass at the correctly adjusted height according to seasonal agronomic best practices is also very important. St Augustine turf should be cut at 3.5" in the growing season (April 1 - Oct 31st) and 4" in the dormant season (Nov 1st - March 31st). Bahia and Bermuda grass should be trimmed at 2.5" during the growing season and 3" during the dormant season. Letting the grass grow longer into the dormant season allows for it to hold its color for a longer duration of the year. After mowing the turf, anything unable to be cut by the mower will be trimmed with a line trimmer (weed-eater).

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